GPS tracking

With more than 10 years of experience, our company is specialized in GPS / GPRS tracking. Today, we're offering a reliable worldwide GPS tracking service. Our TRACKSW software and system have been fully planned, developed and tested at our company and are using the latest technologies to fit world's trends in vehicle tracking.

TRACKSW is a flexible, customizable software - it can be aligned to fit end user's needs. We continuously work on our tracking system to make it a better user experience for the end-user. Together with the customer's feedback, our software can adapt different situations to fit custumer's needs.

Using efficient information processing technologies, TRACKSW has proven itself to work fast and work well.

TRACKSW has it's own dedicated website, which contains detailed information about system and software itself.

Software solutions

Our company offers custom software solutions to local costumers, planning and developing software aligned to our costumer's and end-user's needs.

We have experience building information technology systems, which include planning, developing, testing, installing and maintaining software solutions we create.

Before the development of TRACKSW tracking software, we've created a number of various software solutions regarding data management and other fields of IT. We still develop and maintain customized software for our local customers and partners.